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So you’ve done CBT, IPT, CAT, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and now firmly believe you’ve tried it all and you need to live with your symptoms, managing them as best you can.

Let me tell you what to expect working with me and why it’ll be different to anything you’ve ever done before. Imagine putting some shelves up at home. You’d need a hammer, drill, raw-plugs, screws, spirit-level and screwdriver to do the job. However, imagine trying to do that job without the tools, you’d struggle right? Working with me you will learn about all of the tools you need to maintain positive mental wellbeing.

The Thrive Programme (TTP) with Michelle is a preventative programme, not therapy, teaching you positive habits to stay mentally healthy, resilient and strong. With that in mind TTP with Michelle is something anyone can do.

Our thinking is key to everything we do in life. Let’s look at an example…Usain Bolt was the fastest man in the world. He achieved this in two ways. Training physically with a coach and practising. And training mentally, getting in the zone and imagining success. He needed self-belief to achieve his goal as equally as physical fitness. Working with me I will get you in the zone, developing self belief to overcome whatever it is you want to, achieving whatever your goals are.

Your mind is very powerful. Let me teach you how to use that power in the best possible way, putting you back in control, creating happiness and self-confidence.

Each session covers a new topic.
Beliefs and how you see the world.
How powerful do you feel?
How to build self-esteem.
How to build social-confidence.
How to develop healthy thinking styles.
Why language we use to ourselves and others in vital.
Controlling anxiety and stress.

TTP with Michelle is the only programme that teaches you real skills to navigate life’s hurdles and embrace it in a powerful and positive way.

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Quote from review


I initially got in touch with MIchelle/Thrive - to seek help with social anxiety, but it has infact helped all aspects of my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with social anxiety disorder. By completing the Thrive programme with Michelle and simply learning to complete a few small written Thrive exercises every day - I have and will continue to smash my social anxiety to smithereens.


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Quote from review


I like the way in which Thrive helped me to challenge my thinking - I feel as if I know “how I tick” now. I feel stronger mentally and physically. I like being able to question my thoughts/beliefs and know that I have the skills and resources to build strong foundations and lead a happier life.I’d like to say a huge thank you to Michelle. She has worked with me over the last 8 weeks, helping me through the Thrive Programme. She is very professional and knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I felt at ease during the sessions. She has helped me enormously and I know that I shall continue to use the Thrive knowledge I have acquired. I shall continue to “Thrive!” Thank you so much Michelle.


ADM, Birmingham


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Fear of Flying

Stopping Smoking


The helpful workbook is interactive with numerous exercises and actions, all geared up to give you the practical insight and understanding about YOU. Once you gain self-insight, YOU are empowered to put effort in, taking back control and making changes.

Once you learn Thrive skills, you have them for life. No need to return for further sessions like you would with therapy. You learn the revolutionary programme from us, and then off you go to live a thriving life!

Got questions? Try our FAQ’S page, if your question isn’t there, I’d be happy to answer an email.

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Thrive with Michelle

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The Thrive Programme with Michelle Winter serving Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

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Thrive with Michelle

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