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I came to have Thrive because I have Bipolar disorder and I was struggling with my marriage. I liked the coach and her approach of teaching. Very interactive and informative. I am more confident, more social and more active in the community. And I love myself more. I look at my life in a new positive way. I would like to thank Michelle and to tell her you made me a different person. I got my divorce and I am thriving and so happy. Thank you.

NA, Edinburgh

What is it like to face a fear?… scary, frightening, anxiety provoking? Having recently travelled to Thailand from Bangkok to Koh Tao, I faced one of my biggest fears, sharks. ‘Der de, der, de‘– does the music from ‘Jaws’ put you on high alert too? I had always dreamt about doing my Open Water Diving course, but knew only too well what was stopping me. So, I went to Michelle Winter who runs her own ‘Thrive’ programme from one of our consulting rooms at direction. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, to help me achieve my dreams and overcome my fears. Thanks to her coaching I wasn't scared at all when I dived into the ocean. Not only was I not afraid but I actually wanted sharks to be there. Overcoming fear is much easier than our imagination tells us. An extra bonus for me, she has also helped me with my blood and spider phobias! I'm so pleased that working with Michelle has broken down so many barriers.

ACL, Edinburgh

With this approach I saw a difference in myself quickly. The book is great for guidance and Michelle was good at talking me through and explaining in real terms what some of the language meant. I’m honestly looking forward to going abroad now.  I came here to get over my fear of flying and walked out with confidence and improved self-esteem in all aspects of my life. This has been one of the most useful experiences of my life. My resilience and my ability to believe in myself has changed.Life is would good.

AS, Edinburgh

I am still amazed at how much Thrive had changed the way I think and perceive things in my life-this is what like best about this programme, it changed you for the better.I feel a lot more empowered and I don’t see things as rigidly as I did before. I feel a lot more relaxed, less anxious and better able to focus.I would just like to say a huge thank you to Michelle for helping me to thrive and become a more positive person. I have found the Thrive Book extremely reader-friendly and with Michelle’s guidance and support, I feel as though I have become a different person, for the better! Michelle was warm, easy to talk to, funny and made the whole process easy to understand and to get to grips with. I am so impressed with the Thrive Programme that I honestly believe everyone can benefit from it, regardless of whether they have issues or not.I would highly recommend Michelle as your Thrive Consultant as you will not be disappointed.

LB, Luton

I like the way in which Thrive helped me to challenge my thinking - I feel as if I know “how I tick” now. I feel stronger mentally and physically. I like being able to question my thoughts/beliefs and know that I have the skills and resources to build strong foundations and lead a happier life.I’d like to say a huge thank you to Michelle.  She has worked with me over the last 8 weeks, helping me through the Thrive Programme.  She is very professional and knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I felt at ease during the sessions. She has helped me enormously and I know that I shall continue to use the Thrive knowledge I have acquired. I shall continue to “Thrive!” Thank you so much Michelle.

ADM, Birmingham

I initially got in touch with Michelle/Thrive-to seek help with social anxiety, but it has in fact helped with all aspects of my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered Social Anxiety Disorder. By completing The Thrive Programme with Michelle and simply learning to complete a few small written thrive exercises everyday - I have and will continue to SMASH MY SOCIAL ANXIETY TO SMITHEREENS. Thanks to Michelle and the Thrive Programme, I am feeling really confident in the knowledge, that if I do start to feel any of my symptoms, then I can easily deal with them quickly and effectively and get on with my day. That’s what’s so brilliant about the programme - it really is simple to learn and so effective. And the more you do it, the easier and simpler it becomes. Once you’ve learned this easy programme, it’s something that’s yours for life and that is empowering. I now have the skills to know why and when I’m wearing my shit-tinted glasses and how to get them off!  And get them off quickly. Thank xxxx for that! For the first time in a long time, I can look ahead without fear. My confidence in life is generally massively improved. I know I now have the skills to deal with anything now. And that is an amazing feeling.


Michelle Winter has the natural ability to make you feel at ease, her enthusiasm and belief in this programme is completely genuine and really enthuses the sessions.Michelle encourages you to deal with your symptoms/anxieties head on and with the exercises given, you gain the tools to deal with your symptoms and anxieties and literally swipe them out of your way. There ain't no better feeling.With encouragement, skills and expertise - and simply by completing a few small exercises a day - you will succeed. Then you have the skills for life.

JM, Edinburgh

The Thrive Programme is fun, interactive, with simple concepts that are easy to grasp, very applicable and relevant to my life. It has made me feel empowered and excited to make changes. It has given me inner-confidence, a feeling of invincibility, and convinced me that I can finally change things i thought I couldn’t. Thrive is a hands-on approach that has given me the confidence and skills to change my life. I really believe it is possible to lose weight now, and I am looking forward to proving i can do it. The course was extremely well taught, empowering, inspiring and great fun! Thank you Thrive! Thank you Michelle.

A summary of my learning points:
•  Heading in the right direction, moving forward (no matter how long it takes). Small changes.
•  PACE consistent and continuous effort.
•  Process my positives every day achievements. What have I learned about myself?
•  Check my thinking throughout the day. Is this thought helpful? If not change it or bin it.
•  Start each day with a goal: ‘This is how my day is going to be. I am going to make it happen.’
•  Track my progress.
•  Build self-esteem.
•  Internal SPACE.
•  Reduce Social anxiety – is it really so important what other people think of me?
•  Stop trying to micro-manage/control everything. I have the ability to cope with whatever arises.
•  Build resilience.
•  Remember my phobia is just an unhelpful thinking error. It is fear of the fear itself. MICE CAN’T HARM ME. I have nothing to fear. I’m almost willing a mouse to appear so I can challenge myself.
•  I can manage my eating without taking it to extreme measures – no need to starve or binge.
•  When in danger of temptation, practice the DREAM technique. DETECT REWARD ESCAPE AMEND MAGNIFY.
•  Change perspective. Stand back and see the bigger picture.”

JM, Edinburgh

“Having diagnoses for anxiety, depression and CFS; I have read many self-help books over the years and eventually put the former 2 down to ‘the way I am’ and the latter to being out with my control. Now having worked through THRIVE I can honestly say that I have learnt to challenge my thinking; I thought it was just how I was and there wasn’t anything I could do to change that! Wrong! THRIVE isn’t a miracle cure, you have to put in the work, but if you want to change things that you are unhappy with its well worth the effort. I am now able to say confidently that I no longer berate myself, I challenge negative thinking and I am kinder to myself. As a big advocate for overcoming the stigma of mental health I feel that Thrive should be taught to everyone; particularly in schools. Children, from a young age, should know their worth and how to challenge negative thinking and to work through their thought processes in order that they can understand they can influence their lives. This is important for self-esteem and self-worth. I’ll certainly be sharing THRIVE with my family and friends’. Michelle is a great consultant; she puts you at ease and I didn’t feel judged at all when discussing sensitive issues I have had for many years. She helped me to understand that this technique could and would work for me, if I put in the effort, and that I wasn’t a ‘lost cause’.”

Stacey, Edinburgh

“I’ve always been an anxious person and thought that was just the way I was: So I wasn’t convinced Thrive would make any difference. But I thought I’ve nothing to lose so gave it a try. I’m so glad I did as working through the programme with Michelle taught me to challenge the way I think and learn techniques to change how I dealt with my anxiety. I’m so glad I took the opportunity and would definitely recommend Thrive.”

Carly, Edinburgh

“The Thrive Programme challenges the way you think in a positive, easy to grasp way. Wish I’d had it years ago. It has been very positive. Started to change the way i think about things and my perceptions etc… to move forward and take control. It was new ideas and challenges put across i an easy to understand way. It’s been very good for me!”

Anonymous, Edinburgh

“I liked looking at the different thinking styles. But also learning to process experiences. I didn’t realise how external I was, I mean how much I relied on others to assess whether something was good or bad. An extremely enjoyable 8 weeks. Packed with information and ‘actions’ to evidence change and awareness as it occurs… being in a group setting helped get other perspectives, that you may not have considered. Change can be the only outcome. I started attending a dentist at that start of the course (after not attending for years), and am having some surgical dentistry this Monday. I feel empowered.”

SF, Edinburgh

“The Thrive Programme has improved my life with greater awareness of possibilities, and overall positives. It was very good. I was sceptical at first, but i have noticed some small, significant and surprising changes. I liked best it was down to earth, straight forward, and conversational.”

Anonymous, Edinburgh

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