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Thrive as a non-smoker

If you are serious about stopping smoking this is the technique for you. Rob Kelly’s Thrive as a non-smoker has a 92.5% success rate, compared with the NHS stopping smoking programme of just 48%. The easy to understand workbook is all backed up with the latest research. By teaching you how to ‘Thrive’ in life you will learn how to smash your smoking ‘habit’ to smithereens.

I’m guessing you are wanting to quit for one or more of the following reasons?

  • Non SmokerHealth reasons.
  • Afraid of dying.
  • To increase physical fitness.
  • To get rid of a constant cough.
  • To save some cash.
  • It’s antisocial with all of the smoking bans.
  • Nagging partner/children/parents/Doctor.
  • For the sake of your children’s health.
  • The horrible smell.
  • Yellow fingers.
  • Bad breath.

I’m sure you’d love to obtain those benefits. So why do you continue to smoke knowing all of this? The Thrive Programme together with my skills and expertise as a Thrive Consultant, will show you how your limited beliefs and thinking styles about smoking, are making you powerless and keeping you trapped in your habit. By learning all about yourself, how to challenge these limited beliefs and thinking styles, how to build a strong, internal self-esteem and how to reduce social anxiety, not only do you easily become a non-smoker you also learn how to live a fulfilled and flourishing life! How to Thrive!

Thousands of people have successfully used the insights and techniques described in the Thrive workbook to make significant changes in their lives. Why not include yourself in these stats? Once you understand the psychology behind why you smoke, you want to quit and it’s not hard to do!

Stopping Smoking

Sound straightforward? That’s because it is!  In just 2-3 sessions with me and this approach, YOU CAN BECOME A NON-SMOKER!


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