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Self acceptance

By someone accepting themselves 100%, they are accepting all of their vulnerabilities and fragilities. They can give themselves some slack over their mistakes and embrace their humanness. There should be no conditions attached and it shouldn’t be dependant on anything. Ultimately this means accepting reality. To give an example of this, in order for technology to advance, engineers and designers had to accept the laws of nature. Without accepting the law of gravity, aeroplanes couldn’t have taken to the skies. The same can be said for us.

If someone is failing to accept themselves whether it be the good, the bad or both, this will have drastic implications for their self-esteem. Failure to accept reality is perfectionism. Every time we think in a perfectionist style, we are hammering our self-esteem.

So if we are valuing and respecting ourselves and standing up for what we believe in, we are living a life that is authentic and honest. This means accepting our sexuality and/or gender identity and living as openly as is safe in any society. This means no longer just conforming to societies norms but thinking independently of others, thinking for oneself.

How will The Thrive Programme help with this?

If this sounds like something you would love to achieve but are struggling to manage to do, The Thrive Programme can really help. In particular, for self acceptance Thrive can help you establish a good, solid self-esteem, fully embracing who you are and eradicate that unhelpful perfectionism for good. Once we embrace that we are human and will make mistakes from time to time, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. Really embracing who you are is incredibly powerful, and I see the power of this achievement with all of my clients during our sessions.

Thrive with Michelle

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Thrive with Michelle

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Thrive with Michelle
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