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Self-esteem is quite simply what YOU think about YOU! It’s your perception of yourself. How worthy you are, how likeable you are, how capable you are. During life we build up a set of beliefs, as a cluster these are known as belief systems. Our belief system about ourselves are developed as we process experiences. However we process all events through a set of lenses unique to us, so it’s our own interpretation of reality. lowselfSo if we think very little of ourselves, we will process events through dull muddy, lenses, lasering-in on evidence that confirms our belief. Thrive helps by showing you how to remove the muddy lenses, so that you can process a new reality about yourself. You will then look at a more balanced version of the evidence about yourself, and there is usually tons!

"This book has helped me stop, not just cope with, my social anxiety and low self-esteem. Life is great and I know that I can keep it this way."

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The Thrive Programme can teach YOU how to stop this YOURSELF!

The thing with limiting beliefs is that they are just beliefs!  Beliefs can be changed very easily. Low self-esteem is just a set of negative beliefs. Thrive will teach you how to create a new positive set of beliefs about yourself. A high self-esteem where you have faith in yourself and your achievements. Even if nobody pays you a compliment, its fine because YOU know YOU are good enough. It takes just two weeks to change your self-esteem. You’ll no longer bully yourself, you’ll realise, accept and process your achievements, and you won’t compare yourself to others. Even for those who have had low self-esteem for years, it’s easy to change.

Thrive CertificateThe Thrive Programme uses the latest research and techniques to show people how to make empowering changes to their lives in just 6-8 weeks. Nationally Thrive has helped hundreds and hundreds of people. By discovering how your mind works concerning your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how easy this is to undo, you’ll want to put the effort in to change. Once you realise that poorly managed thinking and limiting belief systems are behind a lot of situations, stresses and ill-health, it’s incredibly empowering and freeing. Let me show you through The Thrive Programme how to build an internal, solid and maintainable self-esteem, so you can start enjoying the life you really want!

Inner voice.

Think about it. During all events we process what we think about us. So we judge ourselves and react, then judge ourselves again which reinforces the behaviour. Have you ever been to a social event, and after leaving judged yourself for your conduct? I bet you were hard on yourself? Far harsher than the worst critic. I imagine your inner voice was making comments like:

  • “What a stupid thing to say.”
  • “I’m not good enough, people will see through me.”
  • “She’s a far better dancer than me.”
  • “I feel fat in this outfit. I look a mess.”
  • “I’m boring, who would want to talk to me. I’ve nothing interesting to say.”

I’m sure you get the drift. Let The Thrive Programme teach you how to silence that harsh inner critic. I would put money on the fact that you wouldn’t speak to your family and friends as harsh as you do to yourself.

Who can low self-esteem affect?

A lot of the population are walking around with low self-esteem. The majority of people I meet come from all walks of life and very few of them have a high self-esteem. They generally describe that when they’re feeling good about themselves, it’s due to someone else boosting them with a compliment. However if a compliment is not processed properly or mitigated down, any increase in self-esteem will be short lived. This causes a fluctuation to self-esteem, like an emotional rollercoaster with lots of highs and lows.

How might low self-esteem feel?

A lack of confidence is something that can affect us all at times. However low self-esteem tends to effect all areas of a person’s life. Their relationships, work, hobbies, social life, love life, everything. It’s your continuous lack of self-validation, constantly comparing yourself to others and coming up short. Not really trusting yourself to think and voice opinions, because you have no faith in your own judgment. Carrying this around with you all of the time can be wearing. If you’re constantly bullying and kicking s£^t out of yourself, you’ll create anxiety and low mood and whole host of other health problems. You may also create unhelpful habits like over-eating, drinking too much and smoking. You may start to avoid situations and create social anxiety. Whilst avoiding a situation will initially leave you feeling in control, it actually reinforces your low self-esteem in the long-term, as it provides further evidence confirming your lack of belief in yourself.

“Habits of thinking need not be forever.  One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last 20 years is that individuals’ can chose the way they think.”  Martin Seligman.

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