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Fear of Flying

Fear of FlyingAerophobia is the fear of anything to do with flying. So this can be via plane, helicopter or other flying vehicle. It can also include anything to do with airports and flying fields. It is estimated that 6% of the western world have a full blown fear of flying and that 50% experience some degree of anxiety or stress whilst flying, (Kelly, 2015).

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place to learn the skills you need to overcome your aerophobia.

Fly Happy is an easy to follow workbook written by Rob Kelly, who cured himself of his huge phobia of flying about 14 years ago. Using the workbook together with my skills and expertise as a Thrive consultant, I will teach you not only how to smash your phobia to smithereens but also how to ‘Thrive’ in life.

Fear of FlyingThe majority of Fear of Flying courses focus on the plane part of the phobia. Whilst this is enough for some people, I’m guessing you’re here because it wasn’t enough. The Thrive Programme will empower you with the skills and insights which you can use in all areas of your life including beating your phobia. Rather than focus on the plane, we focus on tweaking your mindset so that you no longer feel out of control. This approach works because once folks realise how they are (unknowingly) creating their phobia and how to fix it, they put lots of effort in to overcome the fear. It’s not about the plane, it’s about your reaction to it. If planes were really scary everyone would be scared of them.

The Thrive Programme will teach you how to create strong internal beliefs in your sense of power and control over life-events. Someone with a fear of flying or any phobia in-fact, has little self-belief in their coping skills. They feel out of control in certain situations IE: to do with flying and so avoid the scary situation, or they try and over-control the scary situation with say for example, superstitious behaviours.  If you feel out of control in certain situations and you don’t like this feeling of being out of control, you (unwittingly) create lots of anxiety and stress.

Sound straightforward?  That’s because it is.  Let me show how to learn the skills and actions to Thrive and beat your fear of flying in just 2-3 sessions.


“I came here to get over my fear of flying and walked out with confidence and improved self-esteem in all aspects of my life.”  AS, Edinburgh.

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