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Thrive bandThe Thrive Programme empowers YOU to make the changes in YOUR life to flourish, rather than just ‘getting by.’ It was developed from suggestion therapy and positive psychology. As you may already know, positive psychology developed when psychologists looked at what successful and happy people were doing differently, rather than focussing on a problem. The Thrive Programme is based on the same principle, all backed-up with the latest research. The psychological training programme teaches you what makes YOU tick, how YOUR thinking affects YOUR emotions and behaviour, which affects YOUR physical or mental health. Have you ever wondered why some people continue to bounce back, no matter what life throws at them?

Whilst others continue to be struck down physically or mentally, never able to shake colds, flu, or spells of low mood?

Your mind is very powerful. Let me teach you how to use that power in the best possible way,-putting you back in control, creating happiness and self-confidence. In just six weekly sessions, learn how to change your mind-set, build resilience, and develop new thinking habits and belief systems. Six sessions is the average time it takes a person to work through Thrive, however the programme is tailored to the individual, some clients complete it in four sessions, others may take up to eight.

The revolutionary programme teaches you how to understand your limiting beliefs and thinking styles causing your problem and symptoms. Rather than just look at the problem, dig around in the past and merely manage symptoms, Thrive gets to the root of the issue and teaches you how to build strong psychological foundations, so that a lot of symptoms are no longer created in the first place. It helps teach you how to acquire a resilient mind-set, and focus on the present. Resilient people never look to the past, they’re too busy looking at the here and now, and making the most of life.

Limiting beliefs are a set of views which restrict you from making progress in life, and consequently are damaging and negative.

Unhelpful thinking styles can leave you feeling powerless. Do you worry, and mull things over for lengthy periods analysing every little thing? Does life need to be black and white for you? Are shades of grey hard to tolerate? Are you a perfectionist? Both limiting beliefs and thinking styles can have a knock-on effect with your stress levels, physical and mental health, relationships, self-confidence, and achievements.

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I initially got in touch with MIchelle/Thrive - to seek help with social anxiety, but it has infact helped all aspects of my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with social anxiety disorder. By completing the Thrive programme with Michelle and simply learning to complete a few small written Thrive exercises every day - I have and will continue to smash my social anxiety to smithereens.


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The Thrive Programme will help you really understand.

  What makes you tick, what personality type you are, what specific negative thinking styles you adopt, what limiting beliefs you may have.

  How much power you have to make changes in your life; how much ‘self-efficacy’ do you have, how much belief do you have in your own skills and resources, how internal is your locus of control.

  How the way you think, feel and react to situations has a profound effect upon how you experience life.

  How superstitions, magical, and fate, luck and chance type beliefs affect your life.

  How the three Primary Limiting Beliefs (self esteem, social anxiety and locus of control) dictate how you are going to lead your life.

  How your imagination creates anxiety, stress, fears and phobias – and how to get rid of them.

  How your emotions and thinking affect your immune system and your ability to stay healthy.

  How your desire for control means you avoid many situations in life and actually create more anxiety.

  How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks and the huge effect this will have.

  A true understanding of just how our mind and bodies interact to produce symptoms and how we can change them.

  How different this programme is to any other and why this one works while others fail.

  How you can overcome any situation in life and Thrive

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Quote from review


I like the way in which Thrive helped me to challenge my thinking - I feel as if I know “how I tick” now. I feel stronger mentally and physically. I like being able to question my thoughts/beliefs and know that I have the skills and resources to build strong foundations and lead a happier life.I’d like to say a huge thank you to Michelle. She has worked with me over the last 8 weeks, helping me through the Thrive Programme. She is very professional and knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I felt at ease during the sessions. She has helped me enormously and I know that I shall continue to use the Thrive knowledge I have acquired. I shall continue to “Thrive!” Thank you so much Michelle.


ADM, Birmingham


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Thrive BandWhether its depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, fears and phobias, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, bipolar affective disorder, ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, IBS, eating disorders, stopping smoking or weight gain to name a few, The Thrive Programme will put you back in the driving seat. View the national testimonials page, and see for yourself how many lives its help to turn around.

Fear of Flying

Stopping Smoking

Thrive BookThe helpful workbook is interactive with numerous exercises and actions, all geared up to give you the practical insight and understanding about YOU. Once you gain self-insight, YOU are empowered to put effort in, taking back control and making changes.

Once you learn Thrive skills, you have them for life. No need to return for further sessions like you would with therapy. You learn the revolutionary programme from us, and then off you go to live a thriving life!

Got questions? Try our FAQ’S page, if your question isn’t there, I’d be happy to answer an email.

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